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The code!

The following is to be adhered to by all unit members at all times, failure to do so will result in disciplinary actions up to and including expulsion from the unit.

Unit members must be respectful of other players at all times, we are all here to have a good time. Criticism should be done in a polite and constructive way at all times. 

As members of the unit, during FP (Faction Play) drops please listen to the drop callers at all times. By dropping you agree as members to follow the orders of the drop caller in charge. If you disagree discuss after the drop not during. 

As we grow, it is majority rules as far as what the unit does on a daily basis. You agree as members to abide by the consensus of the unit as a whole to play along.

All disputes that cannot be resolved by the involved parties should be brought to the Command Staff for resolution, Do not start conflicts in the game, on comms or at public events. If you have a problem with another member bring it to the attention of the staff. The staff will end and moderate all disputes amongst the unit. 

Unit Officers and NCO in a command position:
As officers and NCOs of the unit, it is your job to foster a fun playing environment in the game for the unit members, especially in regards to new recruits.

You are not the subject matter experts and should never try to enforce your will upon the unit members. You will never under any circumstances disregard or countermand an order given by neither the unit commander nor the command staff.

You will help and enable the unit members by, keeping things organized and “moving” along during unit nights and ensure that the unit runs as efficiently as possible.

You will “Lead by Example” at all times, you will foster goodwill amongst other units within the Davion Faction and continue to develop the unit’s standing with all members of the game.

Your acceptance of your rank is your promise as a member to abide by this unit code of conduct.

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